Why We Should All Become Minimalists

By: Eric Bias, Sports Editor

Our journey has come to an end. Hopefully I captured your attention from the first post of this series on minimalism. More importantly, I hope that took something away from the things that I said. Although you may have not completely agreed with what I had to say, just know that there are many different flavors of minimalism; everybody approaches minimalism in their own way. There is no formula to becoming a minimalist. In fact, you don’t even have to eradicate all of your things and move into a two-hundred square foot cabin in the woods to be considered a minimalist. Minimalism is more than just being cognizant of the number of things that you let into your life, it’s a state of mind. If I’m being completely honest, I own more than one t-shirt and I have accumulated a winter jacket collection, even though I have lived in Alpharetta all of my life, where winters are mild at best. However, I try my hardest to own and use the least amount of things that I can. I really try to live a meaningful life with less. I hope that some of the “ingredients” of minimalism that I told you about will make a positive impact on the way in which you live your life. As we approach the holiday season that is synonymous with getting and receiving things, I urge you to keep this in mind. Once you cut down the excess in your life, everything that remains is what you value most. If you are to walk away from this series of articles with just one thing, I hope that it is this, “love people and use things, because the opposite never works.”


Featured Photo: Joshua Fields Millburn, standing in the desert from the documentary entitled, “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things”. Photo courtesy of Netflix.com

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