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Dearest Readers,

Meeting the parents. Ahhh, the most joyous yet seethingly stressful point of any developing relationship. Some see it as sweet and monumental, while others picture a scene out of Meet the Fockers and cringe. So, when’s the right time to throw yourself into this world of unknown? Let’s chat!

Your friend,

Maia Gibson

Question: When is it too soon to introduce him/her to your parents?

Answer: Meeting the parents is definitely a concept which changes shape throughout your life. When you’re “dating” in elementary and middle school, you rely on your parents to drive you to “dates” so it’s kinda required that you know each other’s parents. When you get to high school, it becomes a bit more official, but many times, especially if you’re friends with your S.O. before dating, you would’ve already gone through the process. But, if you’re in your years as an upperclassman who can drive and hasn’t yet been through an introduction, when’s the right time to do so?

In my opinion, I think that, in high school, it makes sense to introduce bae to your parents before you make it official. You can introduce him/her at a casual dinner with your parents in our outside the house or even just at your house if they come over to hang out. If your parents are typically pretty chill, especially when it comes to dating, an informal introduction isn’t at all something to frown upon. But if you know your parents are the type who would want a full-blown old-fashioned wine and dine questionnaire, maybe go for a more formal introduction such as a dinner, where your parents can interrogate your babe as much as they want! YAY! Of course it’s not really a YAY but it is generally a way to show your parents that this dude/dudette means business and really wants to meet them. Not just anyone could survive one of these events, so if they stick around it really shows that they’re pretty awesome.

I think you should do this before you’re officially “an item” because, while it’s not a complete deal breaker if your fam doesn’t like them, it’s nice to get a sense beforehand if your bae is seen as a good person by your fam and if you’ll have problems later on. Also, I think it’s just generally respectful to introduce them to your family and vice versa before being like “hey btw I have a boyfriend/girlfriend here he/she is.” A lot of this really just depends on your relationship with your family! Since I’m very close to mine, I’d want them to get to know my boyfriend but for others with different family dynamics, this isn’t always practical or even beneficial. While it’s great for your family to get to know the person you’re dating, especially if you see the relationship seriously, it most likely won’t be the end all be all.

Well y’all, I hope this helped! And I hope that soon enough you’ll meet a special someone and introduce them to your special somebodys! Click here to submit another question!


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