Love and Relationships: A New Era

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Dearest Readers ,

My name is Sasha Hanrahan and I will be your new guide to love and relationships this year! A little bit about myself , I live a pretty normal life, I love to hang out with my friends, try new foods, travel to new places, go on adventures, and listen to drake. I am a hopeless romantic and I am most likely the person in the back of the movie theater crying after a romance movie. I grew up loving Disney princess movies that always ended with a prince sweeping a princess away, but let’s be real here… sadly that is not how real life works :(. Enough about me let’s get started!

Throughout this year I hope to touch on subjects about many different things that can hopefully help someone somewhere figure their way through this new crazy dating era. I hope my personal stories and tips and tricks will help. If you have any suggestions or questions you have for me please let me know by using the link down below. Until next time

L&R Questions!

Thanks for reading ,


Sasha Hanrahan

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