New Kids On The Block: Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

High school has taught me a number of things, but I think I’ve learned more about friendship than I have anything else. Especially this past year I struggled with the reality that I couldn’t please everyone I was friends with. No matter how hard you try, there will always be someone who doesn’t agree with you. That’s not just in friendships either, it’s gonna happen for the rest of your life. And it took me so long to accept that.


I was so upset when I started to drift away from the friends I had made my freshman year, and my group started to get smaller and smaller, and by the start of junior year I had about 3 close friends. Even throughout junior year, those people and I started to drift apart, and I started to blame myself for being too busy and not making the time. The thing about friendships fading is that it’s not one person’s fault, a friendship goes two ways and it shouldn’t be one sided. I started to get tired of putting so much energy into friendships that seemed one sided. But it’s important to know just because you’re not close to someone anymore doesn’t mean you should stop talking to them all together.  


Even though making your circle smaller may feel upsetting, it really shows the people who want to be in your life and who cared about the friendship just as much. High school is such a short period of time and all I’m trying to do is get through the rest of it without over complicating it for myself.

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