Love and Relationships: Clingy People

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Dearest readers,

It’s that time of year! Hot chocolate, the smell of fresh pine, candy canes galore….and cuffing season! But with cuffing season also comes the hardships of people (friends or significant others) who are just way too clingy. So, what should you do to handle them?

Your friend,

Maia Gibson

Question: How do I deal with clingy people?


Answer: Well, first of all, I hate the word clingy. In many cases, clingy is used to describe someone who is very affectionate and such a word gives them a bad rep and a negative connotation. So, I think the first thing you should figure out is- are they actually clingy or are you not very tolerant?

Being clingy is soooo subjective. Some friends will think you’re clingy if you text them more than once a week while other people will be showered with love by their friend or significant other and to them that’s love, not being clingy.

But, if you really think this person is clingy and you can’t handle it, there honestly may not be much that can be changed. If it’s in this person’s nature to be affectionate (text you a lot, want to spend time with you, etc) then even if you talk to them about how you feel they may not want to or be able to change their ways. In fact, it might just hurt their feelings and cause them to stop talking to you all together. So, I’d suggest that you try to be more tolerant with them and, if you can’t do that, either stop being friends/dating them or pull back a little bit (don’t reply to their texts as much, etc) and maybe they’ll get the hint.

I think the best thing you can do is be compassionate and understanding that they have good intentions. Becoming tolerant of people like this will help you in the long run!

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