Who Am I: Eric Bias

By: Eric Bias, Sports Editor

“My name is Eric Bias and I am a senior at Alpharetta High School. This is my third year on the Hook staff and I have nothing but good things to say about the time that I have spent as a part of this publication.” No, that sounds too formal. Let’s try this… “My name is Eric Bias and I enjoy long walks on the beach.” No, that’s not true. Afterall, it’s probably not a good idea to have a lie be the first impression I make on someone. I enjoy cold weather and, unlike 99.9% of teenagers, I genuinely love school. I especially enjoy math and science classes. Even though that I am not very good at these subjects yet, I try to act as if I know what is going on in class. I’m an aspiring engineer, but I don’t know how to solve anyone’s problems yet, not even mine.


I will make the worst jokes that you will ever hear, so I would greatly appreciate it if you give me as many pity laughs as possible. For example, “Why did the two students break up with each other?”, because they didn’t have chemistry together. Some of my favorite things to do are play basketball, watch math and science lectures on YouTube and shop online for winter coats, even though I have lived in Alpharetta my entire life. I enjoy the musical stylings of Hoodie Allen. He has a great deal of charisma and his wordplay is tasteful and is presented in a very clever way. He is one of the few rappers that went to and graduated from an Ivy League school; He attended the University of Pennsylvania. I would love to be able to go to a school like that someday. If I were to choose a school of similar academic prowess, I would choose MIT. This October, I visited Boston, Mass. for the very first time. While we were up there, we walked around MIT’s campus and absolutely loved it; however, I do not know enough about how the world works yet to go to a school of that caliber. Maybe I will get my act together during my undergraduate studies so I can apply to MIT for graduate school.


If I could travel back in time, I would choose to visit the late 1990s and early 2000s; even though I wasn’t of age to remember this era very well, looking back, things seemed simpler back then. If I ever get the chance to meet you, I will probably bore you to death with conversations about a plethora of topics, ranging from mechanical pencils to why we all should enjoy the time we spend in school. I’m just hoping that I don’t get denied a position for a job because a potential employer finds this article.


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