Who Am I: Adiari Lugo

By Adiari Lugo,Staff Writer

Who am I? That’s a great question. I’ve asked myself this question a lot these past four years throughout my wonderful high school experience,and yet I don’t really know the answer. How do I even answer this? I guess I’ll just list facts about myself.

For starters, my name is Adiari, and this is my first year as a staff writer for the school newspaper. I was born in New York and I’m Dominican. I love to read, eat, and sleep.

I haven’t accomplished much in my sixteen years of life except for an addiction to bananas and peanut butter. So there’s that.

I am a professional fangirl. Sadly I have not found a way to make money from it, so here I am, attending school five days a week. It’s cool though being stressed on a daily basis is what gives me joy in life. It’s not like I’m constantly confused, tired from lack of sleep, and have no idea what I’m going to do in the near future or anything.

k-pop meme

Ok let’s move on. I’m a hardcore K-Pop fan. I literally have a problem. If you ever see me smiling at my phone screen, and ask me what I’m watching chances are I am most likely watching a K-Pop related video. Honestly YouTube is life. If you have never listened to a K-Pop song you should. Your life will never be the same. You can thank me later.


I also enjoy binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, drinking coffee, especially in frappuccino form  and dreaming of one day traveling to Europe. If I’m lucky maybe I’ll meet Benedict Cumberbatch. 

So there it is. I guess I kinda do know who I am. I’m just the average,sarcastic teenager finding her place in the world.  

And thanks for actually reading this far. I appreciate it.



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