New Kids on the Block: The First Day

By: Izzy La Grassa, Staff Writer


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Okay okay so I know the first day was a while back, but for those new kids who were like me and came to a new school at a random time during the year, this post is for you. At least for me, I imagined my first day at my new school to be basically the same as Gabriella’s in High School Musical, and well it didn’t really happen that way.giphy (3)

Long story short, I was too scared to talk to anyone and sat in the library for lunch alone for my first week missing my old friends. I felt more like Cady Heron from Mean Girls sitting alone in the bathroom than Gabriella meeting Troy. All I could think about was how much better my old school seemed and how much I missed my friends. Lame, I know. As you can tell I am not really good at embracing new experiences.giphy (2)

So here is my first piece of advice for anyone who is shy and who can only think about how much easier it was back at your old school; don’t think about it! It only makes it harder to embrace something new. I am not at all saying to forget all about your old friends and school, but I promise if that is your mindset, no place will be as good as your old home.

Attitude is a huge part of anything you do in life. If you have a bad attitude towards change and getting out of your comfort zone, it will most likely be a bad experience. If you change your perspective and try and make it a good experience, it will be so much better.

Now, if you want to avoid how I took on my first day of school sitting in the library alone, listen up. Find friends in your classes to sit with at lunch, and if that doesn’t work, walk up to a random table at lunch and ask if you can sit there since you are new. My second week I walked up to a group of girls and it was the best decision I could have made. I found an amazing group of friends who helped me so much with figuring out where all my classes were and how the school worked. School gets so much better when you have a group of friends to say hi to in the halls and someone to sit with at lunch.

My last little piece of advice for this blog post is it will get better, you will soon stop being referred to as the “new kid” and you will find your group. High school is meant to be fun and I completely understand how annoying and hard it is to have a change that big. It can be really fun if you give it some time though.

Until next time



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