Lucy Warnke – “Who Am I?”

I normally find it easier to express myself through writing. However, talking about myself seems to be the exception. I’ve never attempted to give an in-depth description of my personality. The closest I’ve ever come are those get-to-know me activities in elementary school, where you told people your hobbies and what animal represents you. Keep that in mind as you watch me stumble through this.


My name is Lucy Warnke, and I am currently a sophomore and a staff writer at the AHS Hook. I enjoy writing, all things artistic, and recounting weird memories I’ve acquired as I’ve moved to various parts of America with my eccentric family.

I tend to be an overachiever, which means that I spend a majority of my time under a crushing amount of stress. During these times, I comfort myself by binge watching The Office, and weighing the pros and cons of launching myself into the sun.


Because I have an intense fear of human interaction, my best friends are my pets, which include four dogs and a parrot named Henry (yes, he can talk, and no, he doesn’t want a cracker).

I’m probably going to look back and cringe at this post in a few months, but hey, at least I can say that I finished it.

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