Forks over Knives: Arby’s Meat Mountain

Hi, I’m Julia. This week, I tried the Meat Mountain from Arby’s so you didn’t have to.

Before you ask, yes, I ate the whole thing. It was probably one of the worst decisions I have ever made.


Here in the United States, we supersize everything. The more calories it has, the more people will want to buy it. Burgers such as the T-Rex from Wendy’s featuring 9 quarter-pounder hamburger patties made headlines nationally.

oh my god i can feel my heart failing

Photo creds: MiniFroGro via Imgur

I could review the T-Rex burger, but what’s the point? Just by looking at this picture I can tell it tastes like heart failure and grease. So instead, I’m reviewing the Meat Mountain burger from Arby’s.


Most of the public is unaware of this masterpiece of a sandwich. To put it simply, it’s every type of meat Arby’s offers in between two of their signature Star-cut buns. That’s right. Every. Single. Kind. Specifically, (from top to bottom) bacon, Angus steak, corned beef, brisket, ham, roast beef, turkey and chicken tenders, plus both swiss and cheddar cheese.

You may be saying “that’s a lot of food, why would you do that to yourself?”

I can’t answer that question, nor any other questions I’m sure you want to ask about my mental and physical health, but I can tell you how the sandwich tasted, and whether or not you should buy it yourself.



I’m disappointed. For such a large list of ingredients, the sandwich tasted basically like eating nothing. Without sauce (or any other kind of seasoning for that matter), the sandwich certainly falls flat. Though the sandwich boasts 8 different types of meat, they all blurred together into something reminiscent of an expired gas station sandwich. However, the chicken tenders, which made up the base of the burger, stood out the most and were actually pretty good.

The sandwich is only around 1,200 calories, which isn’t that much compared to other fast food “delicacies”. However, the sodium count, placed at over 3,500 mgs, is well above how much sodium you should be consuming per day.



Eating this sandwich was one of the most difficult and messy things I’ve ever done. Unlike snakes, humans do not have the capability to unhinge their jaws. This proved to be an issue once I picked up this monstrosity, which, for the record, was around the size of my entire head. I gave up halfway through and ended up picking it apart with my hands, which reminded me of a biology dissection, which is not the best thing you want to think about while eating, I assure you.


2 (1)

As I expected, the sandwich was not exactly beautiful, nor was the presentation. Similar to a newborn baby wrapped in blankets, the Meat Mountain was handed to me wrapped in copious amounts of waxy paper, most likely because there is no way the burger could ever fit inside any of Arby’s regular containers.

After opening it, I was not surprised to see the sandwich falling haphazardly to the side. Also, the bottom bun was somehow soggy despite the fact that there were no liquids in the sandwich whatsoever. I’m still a little confused about that and also kind of grossed out because I ate it anyway.


Price: $$

10$ was actually a really good deal considering the amount of food I received. It was kind of like eating around 8 sandwiches for the price of 2.

How to order it yourself:

Go to Arby’s and ask if they sell the “Meat Mountain”. If they don’t know what that means, simply ask for every kind of meat they offer plus cheddar and swiss cheese. 

My rating:

2 (1).png

Overall, this sandwich was just okay. Without any condiments, it’s like chewing on soggy styrofoam. If you order the Meat Mountain, It’s a good deal for the price, but it’s just not worth the hassle.


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