Who Am I: Kyle Wong

By Kyle Wong, Staff Writer

I am Kyle Wong, a staff writer for the AHS Hook. I am a sophomore and this is my first year in the Hook. I’m just your average Joe that writes, reads, studies and somewhat speaks.

Photographed by Kyle Wong

You can occasionally get a word out of me if you talk to me but I tend to just wave back if you speak to me. Most of the time when you see me, you’ll see that I either work on a packet of worksheets or I’m mass typing on a keyboard. You may think “Wow, he’s a hard-working nerd” but I can ensure you that you’re wrong. I am nowhere near hardworking. In fact, I procrastinate alot and so much to the point that I could probably be working on a homework assignment 10 minutes before the assignment is due. I’m as inactive as the doorway to block busters. You may be wondering: “Kyle, what do you do if you’re inactive and procrastinate on all your work?” Well, that’s a secret. I do have some positive traits about me. I can survive without my phone for 5 minutes (maybe not 6)  and I’d like to think I’m pretty good at a staring contest but that’s about it.

Credit: PersonnelToday

As someone who gets anxiety for missing a meal, food is the love of my life. I can wake up from a coma to the smell of a $7.99-large-two-topping pizza from Pizza Hut, you can count my life on it. But I believe it’s time and it’s safe to say that mushrooms are worse than pineapples on pizza. If you manage to hand me a mushroom, I may need to stop being your friend. But otherwise if you ever see me in the hall and greet me, I’ll nervously greet back.

Look how much fun! Where are his arms-
Photographed by alibi

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