Welcome to Reality Fighters Unite

By Nicole Vickers, Layout Editor/Style Manager

So we all have stuff about our lives that we don’t like. Maybe we aren’t tall enough. Maybe we’re lonely. Maybe we can’t stop thinking about the extinction of the bees. Maybe we have a debilitating fear of the color blue and for that reason we can never leave our house because we feel like the sky might attack.


The point is, in life, when reality isn’t enough (or it’s too much) we turn to fiction to forget about our problems. 

Think about it. It’s true.


Anyway, now that you’ve realized that you’re a Reality Fighter, there’s good news. You are now reading the ramblings of a burgeoning Reality Fighting champion. Think I’m too cocky? Well..

  • I read at least 52 books each year, most of them fiction. I try to choke through a few non fiction books, though, so that my brain doesn’t turn to complete mush.
  • I am a proud member of Goodreads, my only source of social media. Hit me up to check out my favorite books and call me out if I don’t meet my reading goal.
  • I follow at least 20 shows  (the seasons don’t all over lap)
  • After I watch an episode of television, I read reviews of the episodes. The A.V. Club is probably my favorite reviewing site. I think I’ll be stealing their grading system, which they stole from the educational system, which makes it okay. However, I will not read reviews about anything I review so as not to plagiarize by mistake.
  • I love movies, but I admit I haven’t done much besides watching them every once in a while. I’m choosing to believe that writing about movies isn’t too different than writing about TV.
  • I wrote a few entertainment articles for The Hook. Mostly about Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts (So it goes without saying that I’m staying away from the Wizarding World for a while). One about Banned Books.

Yeah, and I manage to do all that reading and watching while going to school and holding a job. My secret? I don’t sleep. Also, my boss lets me do my homework.

So how this is going to work: this blog goes live every other Thursday, and I’ll be rotating between talking about books, TV shows, and movies. Hopefully I’ll cover all of them equally, but since TV is more fluctuating, I see myself talking about it a bit more than the other two.

Well, that’s about it! My first real post is coming out September 7, 2017, so in the meantime, remember that Myrtle is reality, and we are Lilo always.

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