Love and Relationships: Are High School Relationships Worth it?

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Question: Are high school relationships “worth it”?

Answer: Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. To all of you immediate Debbie Downers out there…I’m not answering “yes” because I have some convoluted idea that every high school romance leads to a dream happily ever after where you’re 100 years old telling people that you married your high school sweetheart. I know the chances of that are slim. But they’re still there. And even if that’s not your story, you’ll still be a better person for it. And if there’s anything I can make you remember when it comes to relationships it’d be that THEY’RE ALL WORTH IT.

Disclaimer: When I say all, this excludes emotionally abusive relationships, which are dangerous. If you or a friend are in this type of relationship, reach out for help. Some helpful links will be provided at the end of this post.

But, for the others, I truly believe that they all add value to our lives. Sure, many of my relationships haven’t worked out. It can make you believe that it was a waste of your time or create resentment for dating. But, it shouldn’t. Every one of these failed relationships will teach you something. About the world, about yourself, about what you REALLY want, and so much more. You should always look at a relationship as a learning experience, not a mistake. If you saw every one as a mistake, you’d never give love another shot; wouldn’t that be a horrible way to live?

I highly doubt that any relationship you could find yourself in in high school would truly be “worthless.” Either it’ll fail and you’ll grow or it’ll work and you’ll grow. I guarantee that you’ll be much happier if you look at the potential rewards in starting a relationship over the potential risks. I know it can be scary, but you shouldn’t let yourself miss out on a great opportunity for a relationship out of fear of it failing.

For me, every relationship I’ve been through, from the 2-week ones to the ones that went on for months, has been a stepping stone for me. By the time I started dating my current bae of 1 and a half years, I knew what I wanted. And he fit that. Without those previous obstacles, I may still think I want another type of guy. Having the attitude that no relationships are “stupid” opened my door to the best thing I’ve ever had. You may not get as lucky until college or even adulthood, but it’s not a reason to give up. If you want to give something a shot, do it. You never know what knowledge you will gain and the outcome it could have, positive or negative.

So, there you go. Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s so worth it.
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