Love and Relationships: What is this blog?

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Dearest readers,

Welcome!! It’s Maia here- staff writer, photography editor, and editorials editor for Alpharetta’s finest, The Hook newspaper. Thanks for stoppin’ by. I wanted to write a love and relationships blog, because I’ve had my own fair share of highs and lows in the realm of el amor y la amistad and want to help others so they can have more highs than these lows- not only with romantic relationships but with friendships as well. These relationships enrich our lives and fill us with joy, but can cause plenty of strife as well. There are a lot of questions I wish I could’ve asked someone when I went through a lot of the issues I’ve faced, so my goal is to be a resource for others in a similar situation.

I’ll be taking all of your questions throughout the course of this blog, hopefully giving you advice, backed by my own insight and past experiences. So, send me anything you got! Your questions can be specific and personal or super general- whatever you need (and they’ll always be anonymous). Whether about how to ask that special someone out, how to tell a friend “it’s over,” or how to maintain healthy friendships and relationships overall, I’m your gal.

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No matter which one of these gifs is you, you’ve come to the right place!

Your friend,

Maia Gibson

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