Pool on Roof

By Aditya Gunna, Staff  Writer


As the warm weather rolls in, a fresh relaxing swim in the AHS roof pool is the perfect remedy to the rising temperature. After Alpharetta High was opened in 2004, students complained that it was too hot and school was too boring. The Fulton County Board took this into their own hands and granted AHS a $2.87 million grant to build a pool on the roof of the school. Unfortunately due to this large budgeted addition, the school sacrificed the quality of their lunches, existence of soap in bathrooms, and clean vending machines. But it was later deemed that the pool was worth the sanitary quality of the school. After all, 2.87 million dollars bought AHS a 89.34 foot pool with colorful lights. Students believe that this pool is the highlight of AHS.

Bob the Swimmer, an AHS Junior and local swimming sensation, enjoys the pool every time he dives in. His daily pool routine usually includes jumping into the pool, swimming in the pool, then getting out of the pool.

“I love swimming. The AHS pool is a nice pool. I enjoy swimming. I really enjoy swimming for 230 minutes every Tuesday. It is fun.”, said Bob the Swimmer

Due to the overwhelming requests, the pool requires a new schedule in order to meet the students’ needs. The pool is now open to all students and faculty on Tuesdays from 8:09 AM to 11:59 AM. This is a big change for AHS, so a new schedule will be created for the 5th Tuesday of every 3rd month, making this Alpharetta High School’s 36th type of bell schedule which is leading to more clueless freshman walking on the left side of the hallway. Be sure to grab your bathing suit and take a dip in Alpharetta’s own swimming pool.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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