Annual Pie Sale Breaks Records while Giving Back to the Community

By Aditya Gunna, Social Media Manager

For the fourth year, the AHS Culinary department held their annual pie sale. This fundraiser raises money for FCCLA and Atlanta Community Food Bank by selling apple, pumpkin, and sweet potato pies. FCCLA is a national Career Technical Organization that focuses on giving students exposure to careers, while helping the community. AHS Culinary students and FCCLA members made pies all week to sell to clubs, teachers, and students to enjoy with their families and students over the Thanksgiving break. Each pie was created differently using different decorations, to produce a unique picture.

“Making pies is already fun, but knowing we’re helping others makes the entire experience a lot more enjoyable and rewarding,” Kori Vocke, Culinary student, said.

With each pie selling at $10, the annual sale sold 211 pies, a record high, along with pies they also raised $109 in donations. Out of the money earned, FCCLA donated $1 for every pie sold to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Because the sale was right before Thanksgiving, Atlanta Community Food Bank used the earnings to donate food to families in need of food to enjoy Thanksgiving.

“The members of FCCLA wanted to do something good for the community during the pie sale, so we decided to donate a portion of our pie sales to the Atlanta Community Food Bank,” Mrs.Kilroy, Culinary teacher, said.

During this event FCCLA members learned about the culinary career pathway by cooking pies, at the same time they helped improve their community by giving back to the less fortunate. Hopefully next year FCCLA will raise even more money to help even more families in need.

Photo Credit: Food Network

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