University of Georgia Decisions to Come out this Friday

By Melissa Dunn, Copy & Features Editor

University of Georgia plans to release early action decisions this Friday, Nov. 18 in the late afternoon. The announcement first came from Dr. Graves, the Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at UGA. More AHS seniors apply to UGA than any other school, making it the most popular university for the graduating class.

Out of the 144 AHS seniors who applied Early Action last year, 123 were accepted. That translates roughly to an 85% acceptance rate,higher than the overall 51% acceptance rate. According to student reported data, the average SAT score for accepted students was 2066 while the average ACT score was 32. Admitted students performed well in a rigorous high school environment applying with an average CNA of 96 with 9 honors and 9 AP classes on their transcripts. Early admissions focuses more on academic standing, while regular decision places emphasis on extracurricular involvement and essays.

Photo credits: The University of Georgia


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