Varsity girls will not take the FALL this 2016 season


By Alyssa Albrecht, Branding Manager

The AHS student body overwhelmingly turns up for football games every Friday night. Students are a part of huge crowds, and support the team through thick and thin. It is a tradition, but football isn’t the only successful sport practicing during the school week. Varsity volleyball and softball do not get the same appreciation and attendance to their games like football does, but this doesn’t seem to be stopping them from rising to the top this 2016 fall season.

Over the past few years, the varsity softball and volleyball teams have become more successful than they have ever been before. The varsity softball team has competed in regional playoffs, but just a few years ago, nobody knew we even had a team. The varsity volleyball team has an almost perfect record, but they don’t compare to football in attendance records. Despite these facts, the girls on both teams have continued to work hard and obtain success for themselves and for the benefit of Alpharetta athletics as a whole. So far, the girls have had the most success in the fall sports category.

The Varsity softball team has a 7-9 regional record and gained an opportunity to attend playoffs. Despite an almost even record of wins and losses this season, the team has shown that they can work together to rise above standards that may have been set for them because of previous seasons. Slowly, the girls of the 2016 varsity softball team have been building up the team to be even more successful in the future.

“The season has been good and bad, but a lot better than past years,” Andria Modica, Senior Varsity softball player said.

The girls have been building up the team’s spirit and ability progressively to be even more successful in the future. The team has worked hard on technique with hitting and fielding, as well as focusing on getting to know each other so they will connect better on the field.The bonds the teammates made off the field benefit the team in the long run.

“We are all really good friends, and we hang out even outside of softball,” Modica said.

The Varsity volleyball team has a 7-1 regional record and will be attending playoffs. This team has been more successful regarding their statistics than softball has.The team demonstrates success and hard work that shows when on the court because of how well they get along.

We are one unit and fully trust each other and work well as a team, volleyball is a team sport and this season we mesh really well together. Our team chemistry is a key component in our success in this season so far,” Cat Podsiadlo, Senior Varsity volleyball player, said.

The team attracts attention across the school because of their continuous success week after week. Their close-to-undefeated ranking has showed Alpharetta that they are worth their while to come watch and cheer on. The close-knit bonds and chemistry between the teammates acts as an inspiration and eye-opener to those who believe that girls’ sports don’t mean anything.

“So many fans come to our games and cheer us on, it really means a lot to us that so many people want to come watch our games because we all put in so much hard work and dedication and having people support us makes it all worthwhile,” Podsiadlo said.

Both teams act as a symbol that girls can get the job done too. The girls get to show Alpharetta that they are worth watching.

Photo Credits: Maia Gibson, Photo Editor

(From left to right: Cat Podsiadlo, Skylar Kaplan, Mary Podsiadlo)

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