Your Wish Made Their Dreams Come True: Coins Thrown in Avalon Fountain Donated to Charity


By Brianna Rolle, Branding Manager 

When a person throws a coin into the Avalon fountain, they are really donating that money to charity helping the local community.

Each month, the coins in the Avalon fountain are taken out, but the Avalon does not keep them. A different, local charity is selected each month to receive the bounty.

The YMCA was selected for the month of June and a grand total of $519 was donated, which was used to help fund a their summer camp program that helps children in need for 5 children.

For the month of September, Avalon donated the money to the City of Refuge in Atlanta.

The City of Refuge helps families living below the line of poverty by providing them with things they need to live and has impacted over 20,000 people since it started around 20 years ago.

The Avalon does this because it has 9 core values, one of which being that the Avalon will be a part of advancing the surrounding community.

According to, other core values include “5 star hospitality,” having a place for the community to gather or come together, making sure there is fun for the whole family, “walkability,” “healthy living,” “cultural experiences,” and safety.

Photo Credits: Avalon


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