Bathroom Passes: Are they Fair?

By Nadir Lewis, Layout Editor

Here at AHS, many teachers have incorporated a new bathroom policy to prevent students from wasting class time by misusing the privilege. Teachers give four passes per semester and every pass you don’t use contributes one point towards your final exam grade. Few students feel that the extra points are a good boost to their grade but most, including myself, feel that using the bathroom is not a freedom that should be limited.

According to, The Bladder and Bowel Foundation,  The average teenager urinates about 6 times a day.The average teenager gets 6 hours of sleep. That leaves 18 hours to urinate 6 times which means you urinate once every three hours.

High school is a place where students take responsibility for their actions and should be able to manage themselves. If a student wants to use the bathroom during class knowing that they will miss around 3-5 minutes of class time then they should be allowed to. There is no reason that the teacher should be able to say that in a 90 day semester a student can only use the bathroom four times in that class. Using the bathroom is a basic human need of the body and cannot have a fixed amount of times you can perform said action.

Some would say that students could waste precious class time using the bathroom as much times as they need. While that is somewhat true, these are high school students. If the student wants to use the bathroom and miss class time then so be it, but they will be responsible for the material they missed. High school is supposed to train young minds for bigger and better things in college and the real world. If we can’t let students have the fundamental power to use the bathroom when they need to, are we really preparing them for the real world? Why do we exterminate such a simple liberty of our everyday lives? Because we don’t want students to learn how to manage their time and responsibilities? We’re limiting the amount of times a student can go to the bathroom but then asking them to live on their own and manage themselves in college. Honestly, this issue is way bigger than just bathroom passes. It’s about the limitations the school keeps on us during our high school career then leaves us out to dry when we have to advance to the real world.

High school teachers should not be aloud to monitor bathroom uses with bathroom passes. It is a limitation of the rights and freedoms of our students. Students should be able to use the bathroom when they need to, and if they misuse the privilege then teachers can limit privileges from certain students not the whole class.

Photos Credits: Hoover Web Design

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